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We fight for consumer rights!

*Takes down PSN and hurts the service that millions of people use*

We only for fight for some consumer rights that appeal to a minority, every other consumer can go fuck themselves!

Anon and their fans are hypocrits.

sometimes the majority must suffer in-order for change to occur. and if they do what Im thinking they will, it will benefit consumers for a little bit. free content!

Your a fool and I don't think I'm going to talk to someone who is willing to exploit the innocent just so they can get some free games and some internet cred.

Its not about free games or internet cred. its about whats right. I have the right to modify my console, and help others be able to do so. Its like cell phones, they can be legally modified and jackbreak software is regularly available. What is the difference between a console and cell phone in terms of electronics? nothing, they both are specialized computers. So if i can modify my cell phone, I can modify my console. If the instructions to modify more cell phone is online, so should the instructions to modify my console.

This isn't a Civil War, this isn't even a national crisis, this is a bunch of hackers getting pissed off because they can't get what they want. Consumers are happy with what they've got and now the 'freedom fighters' have come along to ruin the services we already have and like. 

You do not get to choose what the rights of millions of people are.

You do not have the right to fight for my rights.

You do not have the right to fight for your rights and act as if your special, knowing that it'll hurt the rights of millions to feel safe and use a good service that they agreed to.

You do have the right to hack your console, but you don't have the right to go on Sonys PSN services or buy any of Sonys games.

You do not have the right to pick and choose between what is right and wrong. Hackers do not make laws, they are meant to follow them.

You do not have the right to take advantage of the innocent bystanders of this situation, which includes developers, other publishers and consumers.

You do not represent me, you do not represent the majority, you do not represent freedom.


We are Consumers.

We were happy.

We do not forget

We do not put up with needless bullshit.

Piss off.

I'd like to see some kind of opinion poll where you get your facts from, because it isn't safe to say whether the majority support or oppose this. In fact, I'd be safe to say that the majority are in the "no opinion" category.

So what gives you the right to speak for those people, or lobby that you want corporate crackdown on consumer bought hardware? These people are consumers, too. They bought their PS3, so do not treat them as anyone lower than yourself.

Anyone can say they represent the majority, but unless you can back those words up, it's nothing but hot air.

I'm pretty sure that the majority of PS3 owners who use PSN are going to be pissed off that their service was taken offline, just because a few hackers wanted things their way. If they also felt that Sony was being the big bad world in this situation, then they would have reacted. Sony has done nothing to them, so they have no need to freak out about something this silly, on the other hand though, hackers have taken down their service. Sony does nothing bad, hackers attack the consumers right to go on PSN, I wonder which side they'd choose.

I'm pretty sure the majority of PS3 owners weren't online all at the same time to notice it. Once again, no facts, no persuasion.

They HAVE reacted. These are the consumers you are telling to quote "piss off".

Yeah, Sony are the big, innocent corporation here crying out buttrape. How about this? Instead of banning homebrew PS3s from PSN with extreme predjudice, why not enforce regulation of those consoles who DO cause damage to others? Why not? Because Sony do not wish to spend the money on doing procedures the right way, and are sending their brainwashed followers in to do their lobbying.

There is more than one way around this. Sony chose the 'cheaper, but hurt more of their base' path. And you're complaining when those consumers make a stand against this? That is pathetic.

And why don't hackers ban other hackers that do things go bad??

Can you rephrase that? I've tried to interpret that question in several ways.

You said that Sony took off Other/OS and homebrew along (didn't bothered by the fact that this was done after GeoHotz release of information about being able to hack through other/os) and that they should go after people that are harming then (they are doing this by seing GH did it);

And you said that they took the cheapest route when they should take another measures that involved expending more money (why should anyone be guilty because he doesn't want to expend more money to protect from something that shouldn't be done in the first place)... and I said, if it was a hacker that started the problem and are hackers that are doing things that harms some services and make sony overreact, why other hackers don't fight those??

Never saw any hacker working on a hacking to reestabilish anti-piracy measure on a exploit... didn't saw hackers banning pirates from PSN...

You want sony to solve everything and do it the way you want?? Maybe people could start doing it by themselves, go there and ban the CoD cheaters.

It's not my call on if hackers can do that. But think about this: if the ability to ban others is there to be hacked, wouldn't the possibility for the bad hackers to unban themselves be there? What about the ability for hackers to ban people they just don't like?

Both Microsoft and Nintendo used server-side security with their shops, and both don't care about hacked consoles being online. So why should Sony receive preferential treatment just because they didn't have the insight to do the same thing, and made the stupid mistake that client-side security would never be breached?


It's not my call either... but a lot of hackers support put the blame on sony for not being safe enough (as if this wouldn't raise even more attention of hackers that love challenges)... And if they can mod consoles, hack database or whatsoever, they may be able to ban people or at least obtain information and report that person.

And Microsoft cares about hacked consoles online much more than sony as proved by theirs semestral ban-hammer.

That's exactly right! Ban the consoles that do bad things, and not the ones who are hacked for personal homebrew use.

Sony need to look at that example and put it to use.