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I have a movie that would tell you the entire story, I just need to find it >.> forget title.


Darn, well hopefully that movie will be on Netflix then. lol 

Let me ask you a question, if you don't mind. Where in all of this hacking nonsense does it seem appropriate to promote an almost respectable platform for your cause and then trash it just for the lulz? Hasn't this group not done that? Promote justice and then attack or invade something just for fun. I understand that the people are in the dark behind many activites that dictate their every lives, but we bring these issues to attention so that we may rectify the problem. Creating a DDoS attack against a large major corporation? What example is that setting? That companies cannot dictate how or what we do with their purchased products? Admirable. But that isn't the purpose of many other hackers who may rather exploit their products for other reasons. Reasons that I don't have to state for you to know what they are. An almost fruitless attempt as it is not a law nor it is a permanent solution. This group simply lives on the here and now. Never thinking about the future or the repercustions of their actions. As they stated, its just simply for the lulz. 


Anonymous has always done it for the lulz. They wouldn't do this if they didn't enjoy it. But with the lulz comes with it the acceptable knowledge that they are standing up for something meaningful. Every attack they want to do it because they enjoy showing that you do not screw with the internet or civil liberties.

It sounds questionable, but I know people who generally love being in the military because they enjoy the action overseas. So, they joined the military for the lulz and do what they feel is right for their families and country.

Thoses that commit crimes of piracy can be charged with theft. But the overall majority actually have no intension of illegal actions, rather they want to develop for the platform. Make it more efficient for linux, and code new software to run on the Cell. If Sony would drop this lawsuit, all the medical research centers that bought PS3s as cheap super computers will be able to crack open the PS3 firmware and use them again as they bought them for, cheap super computers.


And I edited my last post, check the two links.

Thank you for the links. I have some reading to get to. 

Freedom is hard to defend without knowing how to defend it, and even then its still pretty difficult. The actions of Anonymous are laudable to a certain extent as that their purpose for most of their actions are derived from a just cause. It always baffles me as the good that this hacking group could do is constrained to small mostly minor issues. For example, Anon vs. Westboro Baptist Church. A good cause indeed but one without much lasting effect. Again, the here and now. I can sympathize with Anon as I do see myself as somewhat of a freedom fighter. In fact, I'm writing a fictional novel about a young, freedom fighter. But that is as little as we have in common. Our tacics differ greatly. Anon's tactics is a more drastic approach but, to be quite honest, lacks direction. If I were to become the leader of Anon, if there is such a thing, I would use my influence to expose companies, corporations, lobbyiest, certain politicians, and legislation that requires improvement. For example, find the information that could be used by WikiLeaks. Violent? No. More morally sound? Yes. Effective? O' hell ya. 

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