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how much money do you think Sony is saving on removing other os? Fucking bucket loads I'd bet, I mean I'd wager they put the feature in JUST so they could remove it to save SOO much money, I mean it's not like they launched the damn ps3 for 250 dollars less than what it's worth, they have been profiting off of the ps3 this entire time, and removed other os.....just to fuck with people and of course save SOOO much fucking money, greedy bastards, who are they to modify shit THEY FUCKING OWN.

I could go forever.....and you still wouldn't get it -_-

You act as if getting angry makes your argument stronger.

Point is simple. You are supporting the lose of rights for security in online video games. I understand your argument just well, however I also know that company will continually create fixes to deal with future online issues.

However, you can't so easily create a fix for your lost rights.


Go ahead and think that I am the one not understanding things though. At least I know I am on my side and not on the side of corporation for the sole interest of my video games, which aren't going to suddenly vanish.

yeah like I said to another poster, you fucking HOPE is more like it.

Because benieth the bullshit you support you know as well as I that it takes just ONE of these fucking pieces of shit to find something big that can bring it all crumbling down, and they'll do it to because unlike the people at Sony who are heavily invested in this business these asshole aren't and couldn't care less. 

at least with Sony I know the only people that would get fucked over buy this are arrogant naive fucking assholes who will NEVER put in an eighth of the amount of investment Sony has in these products, where's gehots game console huh? where anno's online gaming network huh? these fuckers won't do shit in providing their own but they'll fuck everyone's else up though.

you think Sony is in this for the sole purpose of fucking over their consumer? that if Sony wins this they will do nothing but make products just to fuck over the people who buy them??? You do know without you the consumer there would be no Sony right?

fucking blows my mind this shit, people wouldn't fucking hesitate to post the massive losses Sony has occurred this gen, omg omg 5 plus billionz lost Sony are n teh RED!!! but when they make a decision to cut a feature to save cost which not only makes sense but makes PERFECT fucking sense it's OMG omg $ony are GREEDY, they cut features to line their own pockets.

what a fucking joke, I pity all of you in here supporting these assholes, who couldn't give two fucks about you, against the very company who MADE, invested, and LOST heavily in the very console your currently fucking playing. So they made a tough choice to cut a feature few were using to save on the mass money pit that is the ps3, boo fucking hoo, you people think Sony is making money off this?? probably hurt them more than you, (just look at what the ps3 was suppose to be and see what I mean).

anyway, the naivety and ignorance ASTOUNDS me in this thread.

Good luck to you sir on all your future endevours.

Let us just hope they do not revoke your right to curse left and right along the way.

because there IS someone who owns, spent RnD, produced, and distributed for profit the word FUCK....or any curse word for that matter....

anyway I'm done for now *goes back to GT5*

Do you understand the reprucussions of this case depending on who wins?

Do you understand that if George Hotz wins, you lose nothing? and gain a shitty hacked unsecured network open for cheating and pirates

Do you understand that if Sony wins, you lose rights? lose the right to NOT do what my ps3 was never meant to do, I will be real choked up, honest, there could tears


And you are astounded by my ignorance? no....now I'm amused in a sad, disappointed kind of way

Regardless of what you think or how much you yell, scream or curse at me, I am on your side. are you?

Unfortunately you sir, are not on your own side, but rather the side of the multi-billion dollar corporations who only care about the almighty dollar sign. They don't care about you. And that's why instead of going for a cheap crap upgrade of the ps2, they instead went over board engineering an incredible machine to provide the greatest gaming experience possible for their consumers *well that's me :)* losing over 5 billion dollars  in the process................ yup makes TONS of sense

Jesus dude, Sony cares more for you than these guys, and that's the truth, they wouldn't bother with gaming or any of their business at all if they didn't. You can get away with that multi-billion dollar corporation evil crap with like, bank firms, They are in the business of screwing people over and fucking up peoples lives, taking homes, debt etc. But Sony can't exist without their consumer.....how the hell can you NOT know this......