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To be honest I am wondering why their aren't more fail safes in place. The news report said their was a back up pump that failed. Why is their only one back-up pump? Another thought, why isn't the reactor and containment facility not built over water? Say you build it above a massive pool. That way if anything goes wrong, submerge the reactor in the pool and their yah go.

As for Nuclear power in many cases its nescessary. Where else is Japan going to get the electricity it needs? Wind turbines could provide some power but not enough to power the country. Their is very little options outside of nuclear. However British Columbia Canada where I live we have wind turbines, solar power, dams and all of those sources provide enough power to run the province and we actually export power.

But could wind turbines and solar panels do enough to power Japan? No I don't think so. Infact could they power the United States? Probably not even with the dams in place.

So I think Nuclear power is a nescassary evil. I think Japan should have closed the Fukushima plant awhile ago. I watched on the news that some of the reactors had already been shut down as they were so old. When your reactors are old like that and the plant is inefficiant you close the thing down.


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