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Well, given the situation happening in Japan, I am curious as to people's attitude towards nuclear power (and knowledge as well) and their stance towards building more reactors as the alternative energy of the future. Personally, I am in support of nuclear power (I'm actually studying reactor operation right now) and believe the reactor problem in Japan can be contained without a major effect on the surrounding people and environment. The reports are saying the situation is worse than Three Mile Island but that case wasn't as bad as people thought it was in the first place so I'm fairly optimistic. Definitely no Chernobyl (that was a clusterfuck).

So, what's your opinion?

Edit-The earthquake and tsunami has killed thousands in Japan but the nuclear incident, I believe, has not killed anyone yet. That radiation that's spreading is not yet a major health risk. When the news reports say that the radiation is 800 times than normal, that doesn't mean as much as you think it means since normal radiation is extremely low.