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Monges79 said:

I didn't like the first one. It was ok. I liked the graphics, but I didn't like much more. The game ;lay pales in comparison to Gears of War. I'll probably buy the second game because it is supposed to be a lot better than the first one. I hope so. I wasn't all that impressed with the first one.

I give a vote for GET UNCHARTED 2! Your opinion on the first one was the same as mine: I liked the characters, the graphics, and especially the twist; but I didn't really enjoy the gameplay that much.

But Uncharted 2, to me, had significantly better gameplay, and I found I had a lot more fun with it than U1. Not to mention the fact that it completely blows Uncharted 1 out of the water in terms of graphics and the "blockbuster Hollywood movie" feel. The game is incredible all around, and the graphics and cutscenes are still today the best I have ever laid eyes on (imo of course).

On a different note...while I don't know the thread creator, I disagree with the people saying he's trolling with this thread. Although I wholly disagree with his opinion and am completely baffled by his statement about U2's graphics (and I also wish he would give the game more of a chance), everyone's different and he has the right to his opinion.