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libertinias said:

I'm founding the Discordian branch of the Playstation religion.  Since everyone is a Pope (with the power to excommunicate and name other Popes) in my eyes, I'm excommunicating Gilgamesh and declaring everyone to be a Pope.  You can excommunicate me, but I'll just unexcommunicate myself and issue an excommunication in turn.  All hail Discord, Lord of Playstation.

My credentials

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

Playstation - 11 games hard copy, 11 download

Playstation 2 - 34 games 

Playstation 3 - 25 hard copy, 3 download 

PSP - 3 hardcopy, 7 download


um according to this religion... unless Gilgamesh considers himself to be a pope I am assuming RIIIIDGEEEE RACCCEEERRR would be pope.


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