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Galaki said:
Does it still make sense to be still doubting the Wii's success?

No, it doesn't.

In regards to the Wii, it's up to the Codemasters CEO whether he wants to be the wheat or the chaff.

Time is running out for opportunity and we all know that time is money's equivalent.

Bodhesatva said:

I'm definitely stretching this hypothesis via circumstantial evidence, but I honestly believe Pacther may have gotten one thing right: third parties are afraid of Nintendo.

This is historic. They fear the Nintendo monopoly and with good reason. I always say that Nintendo is the de facto alpha & omega of this business and 3rd parties who remember Nintendo from the NES/SNES days do NOT want to give them this much power again. They built Sony up & others to counter Nintendo's power.

And for awhile it worked. But it was inevitable that it would return to Nintendo's hands eventually based how they engineer this business.

The whine that Nintendo makes games "too good" is weakness. That's a challenge to step up your game and best them. But most don't know how to handle that for some reason.

They find themselves conflicted on doing what makes most business sense (the most viable platform) and what makes most political sense (keeping a solid base on alternative platforms). Sad thing is the alternative platforms are not really in this business for the games and have ulterior motives for this industry which results in the kind of machines they make and the expenses they contain.

Eventually a shoe has to drop. Something has to give. Eventually as Nintendo strengthens their hold on this business the 3rd parties will have little choice but to join their platform. That or go to PC/mobile phone/etc.

3rd parties are afraid of Nintendo and with good reason but until they can get behind or create a viable platform with a similarly strong business model they are stuck doing business with the Marios.

By the way, what's it like being Bodhesatva?

John Lucas

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