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The next Nintendo console should:

1-Be powerful enough to move 3D games with fluidity at 720 or 1080p. They are pushing the 3D with the 3DS and they have to do the same with their home console or people will think that something is not right.

2-The console should cost 300 € max at launch and 50-60 € for the games. Budget for the games should be around what the HD games cost right now or a little less.

3-They are starting to adress it with the 3DS and they know people WANT to play online, so they probably make it better, although not perfect yet. 

4-Have you seen the games anounced with the 3DS? Expect the same with the next Wii.

5-Wii has been successful in Japan with few jrpg and they don't sell that well in the West. Yes, they have to mantain Monster Hunter as it has been a hit and FF and DQ will come if the console is powerful enough and has succes (Squae-Enix loves money!)

They should also upgrade the wiimote plus (I don't know how but I bet they do) and make both controlers, wiimote and nunchuk, be the same thing. Think about it, playing WiiSports/NSMBWii/etc with a friend without having to buy more controlers, or playing an fps carrying two gun and being able to shoot at two different foes! (That would be so cool and so hard).

PD. Super Wii 1!

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