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So what do you guys think? What will the new Nintendo console be called?It will be the successor of the successful Wii...that dominated the 7th home-console generation!

The lets call it "Mission-Name" for it is Wii 2...liekely all people that mention a Wii successor name it Wii 2...but i think this is more like a "projekt-name" for it...and i doubt that Nintendo will call it Wii 2...this is just not their style IMO...

Maybe Super Wii? To keep the succesful Wii in honor?

Or a totally new?Like all the last names? (Wii,Gamecube,64)

And do you got ideas for that "totally new-name" just share it with us... ^^

For me i really think "Super Wii" could make it...its a great name for a great new Nintendo console in my eyes!