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Fufinu said:
Boutros said:
Fufinu said:

With Japan all three consoles will be real close. And if PS3 beats Wii in Japan, Wii will end in third this week.

Sad to see all consoles under 200k already.

Media Create numbers for this week:

PSP 30,475
PS3 23,846
Wii 14,972
DSi LL 11,555
DSi 9,954
Xbox 360 2,282
PS2 1,897
DS Lite 1,056
PSP go 136

If these figures are confirmed it will be real close up at the top!

136 PSPgo? lol, they should have just rounded off to 0.


OT, Great 360 sales. Insane considering there haven't really been any releases of note. Next box is really gonna own the U.S.

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