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M.U.G.E.N said:

no way..NGP was dead on arrival last year when we knew jack about it remember? It won't have dev support yada yada yada :D oh good times of fanboy threads

Sony has done everything right so far, games are good (from what lil we know of it)....dev support has been nothing but impressive so far, features fans asked for plus things that actually create interesting gameplay possibilities....

So who knows...I fully expect NGP to do better than the PSP...but DS brand name is huge...but then again, this is an industry where leaders fall from former grace all the time..tho some tend to forget that

oh and I think NGP and PS Suit are a combo package in their plan...time will tell how it works out

Most people tend to overstate that, really. Going by handhelds, a leader has never fallen, so we might as well quit this debate. Going by home consoles, a change of leadership has only happened every two generations and, each time, there has been a very good reason for it. NES won 'cause of industry collapse - not happening here. PS1 won 'cause of optical media, weakened Nintendo franchises and "mature" games. Nothing on that scale looks likely here. Wii won 'cause of PS3's ridiculous initial price, motion controls, revival of Nintendo software and shared DS base. No way NGP's getting anything close to that.

Other than 3D blinding people and mass controversy over this occurring, there's nothing grand enough to turn the tides against Nintendo in this handheld generation.


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