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I think this depends on Sony's persistance to keep pirates off their platform. PSOne, PS2 were both easily hacked and before the PSP had even launched it was running NES,SNES,GBC,GBA emulators I remember seeing screens in a gaming magazine before the console even launched.

With PSOne and PS2, piracy probably helped Sony sell millions of hardware units. I think with PSP Sony thought by giving consumers an easy to hack platform they would repeate the success they found with PSONe, PS2. Then again thats just my theory. Infact thanks to piracy the PSP has shifted a shit load of hardware units, the downside? Software sales have been extremely low for a system with that many units.

In the end I think with PS3 Sony realized it can't just let people hack their systems anymore. It isn't profitable when your selling hardware at a loss and expecting software royaltees to turn a profit. So I think the NGP will be one of the most secure platforms we've seen in years.

As for the 3DS, I think Nintendo will have updates to the software to stop hackers. The rumour that its hacked already and its not even on store shelves. Nintendo has the remainder of the month to fix these loop holes and release an update at launch.

I think Nintendo and Sony are going to try their hardest to fight pirates in the coming years both on handhelds and home units.


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