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I am still not excited. More and more rehearsal of the same games, even if this launch is even bigger than the GC one !

Okay, this goes with what I was saying in other threads. There needs to be more for the system than just "games you could get elsewhere, but in 3D".

Yes. Nintendo has always tried to bring a difference over the competition. This time, it's like when the PSP was launched : A big focus on the graphical possibilities (which is one of the main argument of Sony).

The DS effect was strong (tactile screen, graphical 3D possibility contrary to the GBA 2D style, stylus..), I still think the 3DS is just a DS 1.5, surfing on the commercial and popular success of the DS. 

To me, the 3DS is not really targeting me. Look at the game ! RE, Stret Fighter, Starwing.... I already played them. the novelty is just wearing off. Nonetheless, I still think Ninty can bring freshness in videogame, as they did in the past. And just bring a lot of nice RPGs like the DS had (I still play Infinite Space)

Honestly, I don't see any must haves other than Paper Mario and Kingdom Hearts. I would like to see how Kid Icarus works though.

I quite liked the 2 demo levels I had of KI. Though I do have a grip problem as one hand uses the stylus.

I haven't tried sins and punishment yet, but that is what i'm guessing the game is like mostly. The air parts are rail where you both dodge and shoot. The ground phases you are free to move and turn  sideways or arround or dodge, the shooting stays the same though (well you have close combat if ennemies come near).

Paper mario i'm less excited for than I was before... because the game didn't seem to use the 3D that much, so indeed a game that could be done elsewhere. I only saw videos of that though.

(didn't have KH videos,... would have been nice).

Well it's less about the 3D for me than those are series I like anyway.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs