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None of this actually looks at all that great personally. I think you've missed out some important factors.

1. Growth of Android is centred around the cheaper devices. Apple completely dominates the high end market for phones. That means Android 2.3 adoption won't be that big in 2011. Furthermore huge sites like Amazon are getting into the market too so theres no assurance there and Amazon is device agnostic and they are only just behind Apple in digital distribution, Sony is nothing by comparison.

2. See above.

3. For a supposedly entry level product I suspect it'll be very expensive and niche. Since it only supports PSP1 its going to be a lame duck as a game device.

4. Android apps work on analogue sticks? Google TV maybe, Android apps no.

5. Sony has never really gotten the synergies to work between devices, why are they suddenly going to get that right now?