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Smeags said:
d21lewis said:

I made a post countering every one of your bullet points, but that's not my place--I deleted it.  If the game failed to give you the intended experience, then the game failed you.  I could come up with a defense to all of your gripes but the bottom line was that your playthrough was hampered by whatever they thought was the right move.  I will say this:  The "Power Bomb in the stomach" thing was a throwback to the final fight with the Metroid Queen in Metroid 2.  I thought it was a very nice touch.

Ya know what Mr. Lewis? That's just... one of the most refreshing responses I've read in a long while. Much respect sir.

Actually, I'd like you hear your rebuttal for the Ice-beam to the back scene. I still don't know why her suit just shut down like that after only one shot.

But in a thread like this, a poster such as myself would be more inclined to post the negatives rather than the positives, and it does sound like I didn't enjoy the game as much as I actually did. Team Ninja got the combat down to fast, frantic, simple, and fun. Bosses were big, bad, and even more fun to take down as well... so they got a lot of the core Metroid right with this game. It's just that those elements which I stated above really hampered some of the experience for me. Still a good fun game which I wasted no time completing 100% (more than I can say for Echoes). And like I said before, when you're back on Bottle Ship looking for Adam's helmet... that part of the game is pretty fantastic.

So yeah, I'm really glad you've enjoyed this game, and I hope others can enjoy it as much as you did. ^_^

I'm posting from my phone so you have to take my word on this until I post a link, tomorrow.  Anyway, the exact quote from an old Chozo (named Old Bird) is "Samus' suit is like a second skin.  If she doesn't sense danger, it won't protect her."  I guess she let her guard down.

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