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BenKenobi88 said:
ismael said:
i have found this in google (translated from Spanish)

In USA in year 2000 11,000 homicides were registered and more than 16,000 suicides in which firearms were used. The European Union, whose population surpasses in a 25% to the one of the United States, registered that same year less than 1,300 homicides by firearm. In Japan, in that year 22 only took place..

Yes, there are more murders in the US and that's a problem. But why don't you just take the total murder count instead of the firearm murder count? You're skewing numbers, as there's obviously fewer firearms in Europe and Japan. There's plenty of knife murders in said countries though. Murder's murder, the killer will use what's available.

Perhaps guns should be abolished in the US, you've yet to prove it would change anything though. Stop acting like you're better than us.

 What?, i'm only arguing, i'm not saying that my country is better than yours,i'm only quoting facts. there are different cultures and i'm being repectful,  i'm sorry if i didn't explain well, you all know that English is not my mother tongue.