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Super Mario Galaxy 2: I didn't LOVE SMG and didn't plan to get this, but everyone said it was SO much better than the first. I got it, played it, thought it was too similar to the first. Then everyone says "it picks up halfway through", so I grind through some stars and keep playing, but it NEVER got any better. What a waste of $50, at least it got me Demon's Souls for $10 from Amazon.


Final Fantasy XIII: I'm unsure because I still haven't beaten it, but I got to Chapter 9 and felt like I should've been at Chapter 11 two chapters ago (confusing sentences FTW). The game took too long to open up, the lack of NPC interaction is infuriating, and the battle system is too repetitive. I want to beat it though, because to be honest there's plenty of aspects of FFXIII that I absolutely love. I wish RPG's just went back to simple ATB/Turn-based though...


That's about it, everything else I'm happy with so far, even though I haven't beaten all of my 2010 games.

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