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dany612 said:
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Joelcool7 said:

I just thought of something. With Sony taking its PlayStation brand out of gaming and into multi-entertainment devices like the rumoured PSPad or the confirmed PSPhone. Maybe Nintendo is going to announce a new venture with Sharp, maybe a new 3D glasses free TV. Or maybe a Nintendo phone or maybe Nintendo marketing another electronic device.

Now I'm not going to put money or my reputation on Nintendo breaking out of just the gaming buisness. But I will say it is possible. Also Nintendo might be marketing the 3DS as a multi-entertainment device at CES, one for internet browsing , movie watching, listening to MP3's.

Nintendo could do alot at CES, man I'm all tingly thinking about it.

I sure as hell hope so.

Sounds better >:-|

Yeppers I sure as hell wouldn't mind buying a 3D TV made by Nintendo and Sharp. A cell phone with Virtual Console, hell yah. A Nintendo tablet I'd take over an I-Pad any day. Nintendo used to be a toy company and when they entered electronic entertainment they experimented with many different markets not just gaming. I think Nintendo could expand into other markets fairly easily.

But yes that is a pipe dream as Nintendo has been a gaming exclusive company for the last 25 years give or take.


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