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Easy- Fire Emblem by a long shot. It's more tactical, in that it forces you to think more about your actions with death being permanent. It's got a far better story, and lets you get more attached to the characters (which leads to your wanting to keep them alive). It doesn't make you do mindless grinding, nay, with one exception, you CAN'T grind in FE. Oh, and the calculator in the game. (Not the class, mind you.) I've seen things with a 100% chance to do something, not. But if FE tells you 100%, you WILL do it. Plus there's the fact that you can actually calculate how everything is done yourself. (Who'dve thought that an attack difference of 3 would make such a difference?)

For the curious, my first one of these games was FFT. I never bothered to finish it because, well... it bored me. I'd much rather play Luminous Arc, Disgaea, or Rondo of Swords to FFT again.


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