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DirtyP2002 said:

As the guys mentioned: Adjustments.


Please do not think this is trolling or anything like it, but I think VGC does not know exactly where Sony sold (shipped) those PS3s to explain the gap. We do get pretty good data for NA, Japan and sometimes for UK, so it seems like they just put it in EMEAA. I doubt VGC knows where exactly. But that should not discredit the great work VGC did with the tracking in the past years.

you are absolutely correct

the shipped figures were very different as VGC didn't track it


they put the figures around MOVE's release as an assumption it caused the spike


but the didn't track it


plus the shipped vs VGC gap was even there at before last quarter


so it wasn't MOVE bump as allocated by VGC



VGC just didn't track in those areas