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GodOfWar_3ever said:
patapon said:
GodOfWar_3ever said:

My cousin has the Ghost of Sparta PSP which he bought for me ! Now I just need to find a way to get it, all the way from America :/

Wait... D:< You're complaining about GoW:GoS sales and you only bought 'ONE' copy!??!!!You... you... AGH! TRANNY FUCKIKNG WWERDERFIODNON!!!!! (Rage out)

This is not how you support a game. For example, I went to the store and said I'll take GoW:GoS and they said, "they're right over there" and I responded, "All of them" (They did not understand, so that's when the gun came out) You get the point

And did you pay for those copies ?

Yes. I robbed a bank just for that purpose