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mchaza said:

Forza opened last year with 250,000 first week sales

GT5 currently has 250,000 pre orders in the Americas alone 

How how much will GT5 get in its first week and beat Forza 3 first week sales

And will GT5 beat forza 3,  3 million total sales in one year 

i say that the first week sales will be around 1-1.5 million considering that Fifa 11 had basically no american pre orders on PS3 and sold 1.3 million, so the PS3 can pull 1-1.5 million first week sellers. dont know how big the pre order numbers were in EMEAA were most sold so hard to compare to GT5. but yea GT5 will crush forza sales and will beat forza total in 6 months or even less. 

i cant believe people say forza is better when its a 360 clone of GT 

^ It stopped being a comparison when this was typed.