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So I was walking through Wal-mart today and I noticed a sign with a Fable III,  10.14.10 release date sign. At first I thought it was an error at my store but after doing research I found out that across Canada, Walmart stores have the 10.14.10 sign all over!

Not too sure if they have some exclusive deal with Lionhead to do this (as it's been rumoured) or what not but if it's true it looks like I'll be getting Fable III next Thursday!

Seems very unlikely. A lot of retailers would be pissed at MS if this happened.

I mean a lot retailers are taking preorders. They can't have Wal-Mart selling it early.

True, but it wouldn't be the first time a company breaks the street date on a game and it could very well be only in Canada (who know's, I guess I'll have an answer next Thursday)

Oh, Canada? I missed that. That's a tiny market.

I guess its possible. But I imagine Canadian retailers aren't happy about it.

Gonna have to disagree with you on that one, I mean in comparison to the U.S and Japan we are a small market, but I'd have to say we are in the top 5 easily. So technically it is a big thing :P

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