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Updated: 3rd video embedded in OP!

Ninja Theory: "...an oppertunity to elevate the games experience into one that can rival film and literature" (http://www.ninjatheory.com/)

I created this thread about a while back to support Ninja Theory and DmC.

I've since updated the thread with the new E3 2011 trailer of DmC. The first video is from last years E3, the second is the new 2011 DmC gameplay trailer and some rumours, which seem to be true, from what some people have observed from the trailer!



My take so far is that Ninja Theory seem to be taking the story into a more psycological based narrative (with the text we see at the beginning) with similar combat to the old DMC games. Personally I was impressed and I like the visceral approach they've taken with the trailer.

RUMOURS: source: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2011/06/02/rumor-possible-devil-may-cry-details-leaked/

Rumor: Possible Devil May Cry Details Leaked

06/02/2011 Written by Zak Islam

 According to a reputable IGN member, who is supposedly trusted with his leaks, the details on DmC have derived from one of the early builds of the action game. The details the member posted are as follows:

  • Apparently, the demo has been “finished” for a while now, since back in February at least. Capcom employees have played it and say that it feels just like other DMC games, although no one can vouch for their level of DMC expertise. The reason NT hasn’t revealed anything yet is apparently because they were only four months into development when they announced the game, and obviously the fan backlash has made them wary of showing anything that isn’t polished to absolute brilliance.
  • The leak believes he/she knows why they went with UE3 instead of MT Framework. He/She says it was because MT Framework is usually handled by a small team and is written in Japanese, and it was just better for NT to use an engine they had worked with before.
  • As for the demo itself, the leak says that NT apparently has not dumbed down the difficulty, and that it has a fairly steep learning curve like past DMC games. Also, the combat appears very, very fluid (no comparisons given here), and appears to be running at a locked 30 fps. Of course, we don’t know if that will hold with tons of enemies on screen.
  • Leak says that the “highlight” of the demo, or possibly game, is Dino’s morphing weapon shown in the trailer. No word on how it works but apparently it looks awesome.
  • It is confirmed that NT has added a cooldown period to firearms so they can’t be spammed like in the past games. I don’t know if this is good or bad.
  • He/She confirmed that Dino’s look hasn’t changed, although they only played the demo and they admit they know nothing about the story. So I don’t think this is a confirmation of anything except NT not caving to the demands of fans and changing the base design.
  • Overall, they say that the gameplay is pretty solid for the build that they played. Again, they know nothing of the story, and they don’t particularly like anything else about the game, but that’s how it is. Gameplay enthusiasts should be happy.

Devil May Cry is expected to be shown in full by Capcom during this year’s E3, including some extremely anticipated gameplay of the title.

Nothing too interesting in this video; a lot of information we already know. but the reason its important is because of the mention at the beginning of the launch trailer coming to TGS. i would speculate that it will be released late this year in Japan and early next year in the Europe and the US.