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Cross-X said:

And since you brought up the topic, it continues to bug me how on earth no game is able to top GTA IV on Metacritic of 98. Is GTA IV really that God like that it's on a 98 on both consoles?

Check the PC version of GTA IV


The comments are all

"pretty much identical to the console version" and yet instead of getting 98, they give the PC version 85-90.


When that game came out, all the world's reviewers were busy injecting random chemicals into their bloodstream hoping for a high


Like I personally could not get passed the first level in GTA IV. I found it soooo boring. I've never been a GTA fan and I tried GTA IV at a friends house to see if this GTA was any better but damn no different. That's why I felt skeptical at first about Red Dead Redemption but when I got to play RDR, it was an immediate hit for me and that is why I'm looking forward to Agent. And right now RDR sits on a 95 when I find it far better than GTA IV. I just find it hard to believe that still today that GTA IV is yet to be beaten on Metacritic. I find it sad that great innovative IP games like Bioshock, Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2 all sit 2 whole points below GTA IV...


The same happened to me. I could not believe the game was so over rated.

But just like you before your purchase, I feel compelled to buy Red Dead Redemption. I'll do it anyday soon.