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If I follow your logic correctly, someone who bought a PS2 to play sports games and bought a GT or GTA game, is a core gamer. But someone who bought a Wii for Wii Sports and bought Zelda or Super Mario is still a casual gamer. """

==>yes, it is something like this

the problem is not about core gamer or casual
the problem is about WHO buy a console during the first year ?
who is driving the sales of the Wii ?

PSX/PS2/Xbox/Xbox360/PS3/GC/N64 (u can add every console)
==> hardcore gamer

==> casual

and do you know WHY ?

because the main target of the Wii is the casual market : Wiisport/Wiifit
During the first year of the PSX/PS2, the userbase was 100% hardcore.
And later it was diluted by core and casual gamer.

The game that made the success of the PSX/PS2
==> hardcore game

The game that are making the success of the Wii
==> casual game

Wii is not a PS2, it is a Wii
Even if it sell 1 000 000 000 WW, it will not be a PS2.

Of course, if the third party developper begin to make good game on Wii or begin to adapt Streetfighter/GTA/CoD (etc...) to the Wii
it will be the ultimate console as the PS2 was.

If this not happen, then people will buy another console to "complete" the Wii
the PS3 or the Xbox360


(Mario is not casual, it is casual and hardcore
but my point is that casual dont buy a Wii to play Mario, they buy a wii to play Wiisport and Wiifit later)
(SMG is not driving the Wii sales, but SMG sales are driven by the Wii storm)

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