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allstarr35 said:
krik said:
I have a lot of gamer friends and none of them owns a Wii. On the other hand I have a lot of non-gamer friends and they all think the Wii is fun and either have on or want one.

I don't understand the Wii phenomena at all. The iPod is kind of an easy one since everyone likes music but the Wii is a gaming device and I'm not sure what people that don't like games are doing with them. Didn't they use to hate games? Most of them made fun of me for playing games at age of 35+ WTF :(

I wonder, are they really playing games besides Wii Sports and the like? Even if they are, for how long will they play the Wii before it rots next to the TV set?

From reading Neos's story I see that in Holland (I love your country Neos, worked in Delft for 2 years), just like in the USA (at least around me), most Wiis are being bought by people who don't like games but think the Wii is cool.

Just yesterday I met a friend that I didn't see for a couple of years. He was never a gamer, he is a musician and play his Cello 4-5 hours a day, he has no time for games at all. I was pretty impressed when he told me that he got a Wii last year (Christmas). I asked him what was he playing and he tells me he his still playing Zelda (he got it with the Wii over a year ago). I told him to go buy SMG and RE4.

what are you saying you can't understand why people want to have fun with other people while at the same time being "In" being considered cool.


Anyways on the topic your saying kids in Holland who are bored go outside and do nothing. This doesn't sound like phenomenon to me. jk sort of

 I didn't say it was a good phenomenon right

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