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TaichungSteve said:


The raw damage formula for Monster Hunter Tri is:
[Attack Power x Type of Weapon Strike x Sharpness x Hitzone Multiplier x Special Class] / [Weapon Class Multiplier] = Raw Damage

Weapon class multipliers are as follows:
Bowgun: 1.2
SnS: 1.4
Lance: 2.3
Longsword: 3.3
Greatsword: 4.8
Hammer: 5.2
Switch Axe: 5.4

So Rol is totally right. To calculate the damage you divide the formula by the Weapon Class.

PS: Nobody answered my Question for the 3 Star arena quests. Has nobody tried them?

Tried the last one. Got through Barroth and Barioth, but ended up running out of time on Rathalos. It's pretty tough. Think I went with the GS, which was fine enough for Barroth and Rathalos, but was too slow to really be effective on Barioth, and it took me too long to down him.

So what your saying is that random multiplier gets to be the sole dividing factor into the obvious formula?


I mean seriously that formula what happened to elemental attributes?... let's throw a real number in there and see what happens:

Since that formula doesn't seem to recognize elements I'll use a bone weapon to figure it out.

648x1Ax1Bx1Cx1D(I'm guessing element)/5.4= Damage?

Unless some of those multiplying factors are just barely above 0 then the damage count would reach above 9000 =X very quickly for the bone weapon.

Considering that in the past monster hunters it was always described as the parts of the monster only deal with monster def and that I read I believe from Game Faqs years ago, (The Guide is probably still there) that listed each monsters HP and weak zones (For Monster Hunter I believe (ps2 one)) that A Rathalos didn't have above 240hp.

In other words your weapon could do 0 damage to whatever but it would go down only once you've hit the 240 marker. All the parts and hide and durability worked as a negative element while the only real bonus you get on "raw power" would be your element and in Tri your Affinity.


Oh for Clarity the guide was reffering to MH's offline Rathalos, the online one had more and the HR50 Rathalos had 1400 hp. All damage that reaches these monsters is mitigated by the section of the monster that your hittings condition.

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