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nanarchy said:
makingmusic476 said:

PS3 LTD - 38.1
360 LTD - 40.7

3.60 difference lolz

I believe a decent chunk of the shipped/sold discrep for ps3 may be coming from newer markets in the Americas and Others, for which we have little to no tracking.  Sony has officially launched PlayStation products in countries that MS/Nintendo have yet to support, and likely will not support anytime in the foreseeable future, like the Philippines, Brazil, and numerous other Latin American, Southeast Asian, and even some Eastern European countries.  Each country probably doesn't account for more than a few tens of thousands each, but that adds up.

Sony's presence in such markets probably account for the odd ps2 hardware/software shipment numbers as well, given that most ps2s are being shipped to such regions now and thus are probably heavily afflicted by piracy.

The philippines and brazil have officially had xbox 360 for some years now as has latin america???? not sure about the others though.

Looking into this more, it actually looks like the 360 was indeed release in the Philippines.  Not sure why I was under the impression otherwise. 

Thanks for pointing that out.