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Pretty good interview and not what I expected from what I'd heard about HHG.

Personally the whole thing about good games is the key comment.  Even on Wii a lot of (non Nintendo) titles seemed to struggle to know what to do with the controls.  This remains my concern with Move, too, although Sony do seem to be giving it some decent thought.

Kinect also has shown some promising bits and pieces but given how different it is I'm really concerned that it will get at best Wii like titles and no-one will actually do anything that radical with it.  the Milo & Kate stuff for example was interesting but seems to be locked into some development hell while MS marketing focus on light, Wii like titles that mostly look to be trying to "out Nintendo" big Nintendo titles.

In the end even the Wii has struggled to see consistent titles and the console is inside out designed for motion controls, so this has to be a concern for Move and Kinect as mere peripherals which have themselves to sell well enough to even create an install base for the titles.

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