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All of us mods have been a bit lax in applying the trolling rules to sigs. for some time now, and gradually trolling in signatures has come to be seen as acceptable in a way that it is not in forum posts. As of today, trolling in signatures will now be treated in exactly the same way as trolling in forum posts. This means no more trollish PS3 chalkboards with a list of crossed out games that failed to ‘save’ it, no more ‘LOLs RROD’, no more Yahtzee-inspired ‘PC master race’ gifs, and so on. The same principle also applies to avatars.

This isn’t a change to the rules, which have always allowed for this, but it is a change of emphasis concerning their enforcement. So consider this constructive notice, and don’t be surprised if that signature or avatar you’ve had for 2 years without issue now gets you into trouble; if it’s trolling it will eventually result in you being moderated, no matter how long you’ve had it.

While I’m on the topic of signatures, I’d also like to draw your attention to a slight rule change. Since 3.0 it’s not been possible to enforce the old rule on signature length, so this rule has been changed slightly: “Signatures must not be excessively long. GIFs contained within signatures must not exceed 1MB... All content in a signature is subject to moderator approval.” I know it’s not ideal, and I would prefer an objective measurement, but it’ll have to do for now. Also note the limit to the size of gifs.

I’ll leave the thread stickied and open for a bit, so as many people as possible get to see it and, if necessary, change their signatures to comply with these changes.