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jesus kung fu magic said:
BHR-3 said:

why u come in my thread and talk about MK? the thread asks about sales gt5 vs reach that my best friend and i were arguing about thats like me going in your thread and saying weres ur talk show looking through the donut hole?

and meta has it

kart 64 84

kart gc 87

kart wii 82

average 84


gt1 96

gt2 93

gt3 95

gt4 89

gtp 80

average 91

wheres the 75? average

even if u add 74 from psp im gettin 87 average


"MK sales as a franchise combined  eclipses the GT series (71 mil compared to 53 mil)......do you even check what you are talking about?"

do you even read before you post?

"but if we count the whole series combined on the consoles we'll find out that gt is the mother again"

You also must include the prologue reviews if you are tallying them in the sales......you cant just use them in one criteria and not use them anywhere else...it either you use them or you dont.

Again there is no point in using a specified criteria when concerning game sales......MK beats GT handily in sales and that is the bottom line.

And the reason im saying this is because the 2nd reason why you believe GT will beat Reach is because it is the "mother of all racer" something I disproved rather easily.....mother of all racing simulators would have been a much better phrase to use as it is not false.

Seriously, why are you trying to derail the thread?  This has nothing to do with GT5 vs. Reach.  Besides, MK is a frigging go-kart racing game.  It's not a "serious" racer.  And doesn't have to adhere to quite the same high standards that a game that says it's the "real driving simulator" does.  So on behalf of all here, either get on topic (read: drop the MK argument) or just leave.