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trestres said:
TheSource said:

Look at September and December 2009 for PS3. It isn't going to match those numbers barring another price cut and a huge game. PS3 had its only weeks over 100k in that four month period - being up by 40-50% now isn't a huge deal if those weeks can't be matched. I think they'll be able to match a couple of them, but probably not all of them (not that they need to since they're up so much), but I mean week one in Sept was 150k or so.

It will depend on the holiday boost PS3 gets.

There's no way PS3 sells more this year than it did last September or December, no way. Even with GT5 and FFXIV. And even if Move is a success and they come out with a HSG6 and HST2 like I mentioned. The ONLY way for them to outsell last year would be a price cut.