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@Smaschu: Wii was outselling PS2 until 2009, you can't change history to your liking. The fact is that without support consoles are of course going to be dying. The idea that people have that Japanese only want handheld games is because developers are forcing it that way, not because people don't want consoles. Wii showed everyone unitl 2009 that consoles were really on high demand, in fact it looked like this gen, there were going to be more home consoles sold than during last gen, but developers screwed up, first and third party alike. PS2 got support all the way through the gen, Wii didn't and PS3 has barely started getting respectable support last year. PS3 is doing better than 2009 now with better support.

Japan hasn't abandoned handhelds, developers have. Consumers will buy games and consoles that are good for them. That it is handheld or not means nothing.

@Darc Requiem: It matters, because not all games were shovelware. Some devs made Wii games during its first 2 years, now no one is even trying anymore.

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