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RolStoppable said:
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Killy_Vorkosigan said:
Is there still some PAL players here ?
I am currently HR18 and I'd like to join PAL vgc members for more MH3 godness.

I have a keyboard and the Wiimike.

Edit : Woot, finally killed my first Ratihan in SP... at the last minute ^^

Rol and me are one of the few VGChartz PAL players. I'll probably be online tonight.

i'm a PAL player too, cant do tonight or tommorow night because of exams :( will you guys be free wednesday night?

Wednesday will be questionable. I have to rule out anything before 22:00 GMT on that day, not even sure if I'll be back home by that time.


Your armor is fine, can't say much about your weapon because I've rarely used longswords, but it should be sufficient. I guess EZ bomb is the item that makes enemies dizzy which makes it possible (but not guaranteed) that they act slower at times. When you get eaten, shake the Wiimote as fast as possible. This also helps against other bad status effects like dizziness, but not sleep, paralysis or poison. If you play with the classic controller then you probably have to trigger one of the attack buttons to recover faster which in Rathian's case prevents you from getting poisoned.


turns out my exam tommorow isn't until the afternoon, up for a PAL monster hunting session tonight?

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