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What about cars? I doubt Ford is a big fan of the used car market, do you think they should be able to use tactics like this? What about used bookstores? DVD rentals, hell what about houses? I'm sure the builders would prefer if you just build a new one everytime you moved. Arguing against the basic rights of first sale doctrine and the concept of ownership is silly and shameful. I worry that the younger generations have been raised in such a corporate environment, that it hardly surprises me to see them defending big brother against their very own interests.

The used market is one of the main components capitalism without it gaming would be in an even worse place than it is right now. Some of us won't risk dropping $60 on a 6 hour cookie cutter FPS. While killing Gamestop sounds good-they do suck, this is a step in the wrong direction.

If you really feel sorry for the devs drop them a letter with a check, don't make us all get ripped off over your bizarre counterintuitive corpro-lovefest.

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