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Jordahn said:
Khuutra said:

It's part of a consumer's rights to sell the goods that they have bought. A person who sells, buys, and ttrades in used games is simply practicing their consumer rights. Similarly, one practises one's consumer right in not buying stuff that attempts blatantly to impede the implementation of these rights, even if it's ust by obscuring some forms of content for those consumers.

I don't care what the justification is. Try to screw consumer, I will nont buy your games, and I will laugh while your company flounders and dies.

Like I said in a previous post: "I never said anyone cannot buy or sell used games."  But actions always have consequences.  The more used games we buy, the less companies profit to keep them in business to make more games.  The more we buy new games, the more these companies profit to stay in business to keep making these games.  A person's right to sell and buy used games is a secondary issue here when you look at the big picture.  You have the right alright.  And the company is getting screwed when the consumers enjoys their services and product when there is no compensation.  This didn't seem to be an issue, let's say, seven years ago.  But apparently, thing have become "unbalanced" enough to where the company is getting screwed, and they now have to take measures to help ensure that they stay profitable.  Just don't blame the companies and the consumers who are trying to keep an industry viable and afloat.  The reason why you are playing games is because of our support.

You know why Nintendo doesn't whine about the second-hand market?

And don't turn this into some "us vs. them" horse shit, either - the vast majority of my games are bought new because I prefer them as a consumer, but I do not stand in judgement of people who might not buy a game at all save where it's used. The second hand market has been important for as long as media has been consumable. Gaming is no different from any other industry in this.

And no, your consumer rights is the primary issue. Like I said:

If companies tried to discourage these rights through underhanded means, I hope their games bomb.

That's the end of my sentiment.