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I'm not going to bother to respond for a few reasons:

1. I've been through this argument more times than I care to count


2. I would only be echoing Khuutra, only in a more drawn out way. Kinda like Xenogears, actually. It wouldn't change the point, only make it unnecessarily convoluted.

BTW, love the bit about you saying I was ignorant of gaming's role in storytelling when I brought up how different sides of the brain handle gameplay versus narrative. You didn't even come close to debating my point and I don't think you realized it. That's not ignorance, that's science, whether it's non-linear or linear. It makes no difference to the brain. You can't even debate it. Moving a player from one side to the other is a jolting experience.

That paragraph in itself was enough to show me how little you actually understand about gameplay narrative. There are plenty of articles written about it, feel free to Google them some time.

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