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@ everyone asking what CPU you need to have

I have amd Phenom X4 965, 5 GB ram abd GTX295. GTX295 or similar is a must for 3D but if you only want to experience Zelda TP at 720p or higher 2D you will need a a CPU thats similar processing power. Here is a chart to help...


I had to tweak the settings a bit to get it working at solid 30 frames per second per eye for high end games. Something like Maramusa:Demon Blade runs amazingly and 60 fps per eye(and believe it or not looks really good in 3D vision despite being 2D), while Metroid prime chugs a bit and goes down to 25fps when action gets heavy(bosses), but even then its still playable...

The only other game I tried is GC Resident Evil Remake and it is unplayable. Everything works but frame rate is in 10s... I don't have any more ISOs. But I may be legally downloading TvsC today and House of the Dead Overkill as I own those games :)

You're right. Howmany people have made that fish/mammal mistake in their life? :)