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Likely lineup for all 3.


Wii Music 2

Vitality Sensor and Wii Relax


3DS and probably a lauch title or 2

Possibly Xenoblade and The Last Story although I'm not banking on it


Halo Reach

Natal and probably some major IP to go with it

Fable 3

360 Slim (?) and price cut


GT5 and likely a firm release date

Move and Ape Escape

PSP 2 (?) and likely PSP pricecut

Socom 4


Twisted Metal (?)

The Last Guardian (?) although they'll probably save this one for TGS

"An announcement to rival the announcement of San Andreas timed exclusivity" (I'm guessing Agent)

A very slim outside chance of a PS3 price cut although if it does happen this year it probably won't be until closer to the hollidays


Really I can't say either way. Although if we get Xenoblade and TLS I'm giving it to Nintendo unless Sony's surprise announcement totally blows everyone's minds. Although if Kevin Butler is there Sony wins by default. LOL

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