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and since the Cell processor in the PS3 will soon go to the 22nm scale!,that also mean's more profit there also.

The Cell currently sits at 45nm, the next step will be 32nm (I'm guessing will happen this Summer/Fall).  Only after 32nm has been on the market for about 2-3 years will a new die shrink occur.

It's funny how this generation of console price actually mattered unlike the generation before it were PS2 always costed $100 USD more than the GC.

32nm was happening but Sony snubbed it an year ago.


they could be back on it but they could go to 22nm too.


Most likely 32nm.And 22nm will be there 2011 fall

32 nm will most likely happen, but not sure if this fall already. currently there is only intel who produces complex CPUs in 32nm and they use a bulk silicone process and no SOI process like the cell uses. AMD / Globalfoundries (who are in an technology alliance with IBM for the SOI process  are probably a better indicator for market speed of the IBM CPUs) are currently workign on their 32nm shrinks and are expecting to have volumes ready to ship CPUs to mass market early next year. IBM might be slightly ahead of AMD/Globalfoundries  but consoles on other side are usually waiting a bit for production processes to mature so i doubt there will be a 32nm cell in a console before there are 32nm SOI CPUs on mass market and the process had better testing in volume production.

22nm in 2011 fall is very unlikely to happen. intel plans its first 22nm chips for that timescale, but intel seems to be nearly a year ahead of the other semiconductor manufatorers when it comes to production processes. Other competitors are workign hard to catch up (some even by trying to skip a production node), but still i don't expect to see many 22nm chips in 2011. For seeing 22nm in consoles i would add at least another year to the fall 2011 date. (Consoles need production processes that are matured and can produce high volumes cheap so an early switch is very unlikely)