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Myak-04 said:
Pyro as Bill said:
Myak-04 said:

If I connect all the brightest stars I get...... ummmmm.... XD oh, looks like a Kangaroo.... (ponders) Hmmmmmmmm...... Pyro as Bill, I think you're onto something with it being Madworld 2... .

At first I thought it was an Arwing doing a barrel roll. The more I look at it, it's clearly a new weapon for Madworld 2.

OMFG, have you turned your head side on?! If you look at it from upside down it's clearly a proud hawk creature.... with a stubby leg.

O_O What... could... this...mean?!

Hmmm, when I turn my head I see a rabbit eating a frog. Did Madworld have rabbits? Maybe it's a Pikmin eating a frog, difficult to make out.

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