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Jay520 said:

It seems like most people think that Nintendo will release their next console before Sony & Microsoft. I just don't understand that. If anything, they would release their console after Sony & Microsoft. If a console is so successful, why wouldn't you just let it keep selling.  Am I missing something. I don't understand a lot of things, but this just doesn't make sense to me. I know it's going to be out of date but that hasn't stopped from selling 20+mil a year. Please, enlighten me.

looks like sony part two to me. I don't think nintendo would want to support two home consoles and three different types of handhelds. its just not them. but i do haft to say if there goal is to beat ps2 then they will haft to continue to support the wii. and none like sony. i don't think nintendo will give up there cash cow so easly.

lets look a little further into the future.

2011 sales predictions

Wii 116m

ps3 108 to 120m

360 80 to110m

The ps3 has to sell around 1.5 million every week to get to that number in 2011.