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lol Patience... 360 just started out with a much bigger fanbase because of its year lead.. Things will majorly change as time continues.

Its a shame though for now because the quality of the ps3 exclusives are just on a whole different level then 360's and do deserve many more sales.


It is wierd tho too, cuz look at assassin's creed 2 on ps3 compared to xbox.. and look at final fantasy 13.. Also, most of the games u compared were back in the day except for uncharted 2.... start the comparisons this year.

Both God of war 3 and heavy rain will outsell mass effect 2.

“Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50 percent of PlayStation 3’s power at this point,” said Asmussen about God of War 3.