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Yep. This will happen soon after Kojima becomes an Oscar winning director.

Actually that's possible. Monique won an Oscar, didn't she? I didn't watch her performance yet but I'm guessing that she was a loud and foulmouthed woman that hates skinny women. Am I right?

Some on here think he should win that.

Some on here also think that MGS 3 is the greatest game of all time.  I prefer actually playing games and not watching them, but people are entitled to their opinions. 


I am sick of MGS trolls.

Does Kojima deserve an Oscar? No because it would be an OFFENSE to him. If you can point out a SINGLE movie as deep, thought provoking and intricate as MGS then try me. I'm a huge movie fan and chance are I've seen any example you could throw out me. MGS is literature and very few works of art have been as powerful and moving as MGS in any medium.

And if you like playing your games then don't buy an INTERACTIVE movie. It's a GENRE. I don't buy beat-em-ups either. If you dislike a genre don't buy it.

How is what I said make me a MGS troll?  I said that some people believe that MGS 3 is the greatest game of all time and that they are entitled to their opinion.  I am entitled to my opinion.  Disagreeing with someone does not make one a troll. 

Your statement about how Kojima getting an Oscar would be an insult to him is ludicrous.  It is an insult to Kubrick, Fellini, Kurosawa, Bergman,  and well frankly every movie director that has ever lived.  Let's see, can I name a movie with a deeper narrative than MGS?  How about Apocalypse Now, Seven Samurai, or even something like Star Wars.  How about even Escape From New York?  Kojima himself has said that Snake is based the character Snake Plisken.  Let me guess, Kojima is more talented than John Carpenter too?  About MGS being one of the most moving works of literature in any medium...  Really?  I'll stick to the great authors like Shakespeare or Poe.

You're right about me not having to buy an interactive movie and I choose not to, but don't call me a troll because I state that I don't like them.  Also, as much as you're entitled to believing that Kojima is more talented than all of the people that I have listed above, I am entitled to mine.  So do me a favor.  Don't call me a troll and get over yourself Mr. 14 posts.  


MGS2's ending has a 40 minute (FORTY-MINUTE) deep discussion on various philosophical themes. That's almost the length of an entire movie. Not to mention hours of other thought provoking dialogue. I'm sorry but none of the above movies can even come close because frankly their entire running time is barely longer than JUST MGS2's ending 40 minute conversation. Not to mention those films are mostly thought PROVOKING, but they don't TEACH you anything new about various philosophical concepts like MGS does. There's a reason we have teachers and school, and it's to be TAUGHT things we otherwise wouldn't know. Kojima is the modern Immanuel Kant teaching us all about ourselves and the world.

You can't "thought-provoke" yourself to know the theory of relativity. You need to be taught. Just like MGS teaches us something beyond the average human scope of experience.