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leo-j said:

How would you know?

You have never played KILLZONE 2..

you people UNDERESTIMATE the PS3 GREATLY. I know FOR A FACT none of you have played UNCHARTED 2, KILLZONE 2, or GOD OF WAR III (which kills your argument on scale) all which are almost a generation ahead of ANYTHING released on the closest HD competitor, and I joke you not.

Were is spartan's sig when you need it..

Give it a break man. PS3 is not a generation ahead of its nearest HD competitor which obviously you mean the 360. I can't wait for next month when the reviews for Alan Wake come out and the words "easily as good looking as any other console game" are in it. Crysis crushes KZ2 and everyone here knows it. Seems like the only one who won't admit it is you. I personally know people who own both games and they think Crysis is the best looking game ever made.