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priteshmodi said:
@ leo-j

I've already responded to you in 2 different threads with no response back. What's visually appealing is different from what's technically impressive. Crysis reigns as the unprecedented technical showcase due to its engine's capabilities and what can be observed on higher end PC's. I'm not saying that the Killzone 2 engine, God of War 3 engine or Uncharted 2 engine don't have these capabilities. Simply that these engines can't showcase the extents of their abilities on consoles.

Crysis is technically impressive because everything it does is calculated in real time. Everything is calculated on the spot rather than utilizing pre-baked animations or visual effects.


There's an example of what I mean. Most console games with a big nuke scene are either rendered beforehand with post-processing or and heavily heavily scripted to go in only one particular manner. That video shows CryEngine 2 doing it on the spot and buildings and trees around it reacting in response to it by breaking apart, being blown away, etc. If the same situation were performed with the explosives set differently, the result would also be different.

I've had many people claim to me that Killzone 2 has real time wind effects as well. However this is harder to test as the environments are very static with not many items that will react to wind. Having the appearance of wind blow across the screen (such as the day time level in Killzone) or having a flag blowing doesn't mean the wind is being calculated in real time. Throw a grenade up at one of those flags and see if the direction of the waving flag is affected. It doesn't - because the wind blowing through the flag is not being done in real time.

Another example of CryEngine 2 tech that's pretty insane is the lighting. I'll discuss why it's impressive beyond any console game more when I get a response.

Killzone 2 is a looker visually and may very well be many people's favourite looking game due to its very cohesive aesthetic. But from a technical standpoint it isn't at CryEngine 2 level.

Just give up. Don't argue with him when the PS3 or a PS3 game is concerned.