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Darc Requiem said:
HappySqurriel said:

The main thing that makes me question these specs is that the screen resolution is (roughly) 8 times the resolution of the DS screen. The screen size is reasonable being that it is only somewhat larger than the DS screem (about a 10% increase in size in both dimensions, or a 20% increase in size in one dimension)

The screen resolution seems to be roughly widescreen 480p.

Yes, but if it is like the DS there will be two screens at this resolution and it has to support this resolution while rendering images in 3D; whether one screen or both screens have 3D capabilities. That will require a lot of processing power, especially when you consider that it is a handheld system. Personally, I wouldn't expect the resolution to be this high; and I would think that something in the 320x570 pixel range is more likely.