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darconi said:
kitler53 said:
omg - will nintendo fans every be satisfied? does every wii game have to have a GTA/halo level advertisement budget?

Are you serious?  Advertising is especially important to games that doesn't have a defined audience.  You know whats the most popular game out this gen?  COD:MW2.  Do you know how much advertising it got?

Call of Duty cost $40 million to $50 million to produce, people close to the project said, about as much as a mid-size film. Including marketing expenses and the cost of producing and distributing discs, the launch budget was $200 million, on par with a summer popcorn movie -- and extremely high for a video game.

It got $200 F'ING MILLION!!!  You shouldn't need to advertise that much when its already freaking established multi-years in a row.

I bet all the 3rd party games on the wii had a combined developing budget less than that.

A few wii games are more popular than COD